Emmanuel’s Events!

Welcome to Emmanuel Baptist Church. Here are some of the things going on that you might be interested in.

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Welcome to Emmanuel’s spot on the internet. Find out a little more about us by checking out our various pages. And join us as we read the Bible through chronologically this year. We’re reading George Guthrie’s Chronological reading plan. We’re currently on week FortyTwo. You can join us by clicking here.

Live Worship Services: Our worship services can be viewed on Facebook Live: Emmanuel Baptist Church or listen to us on 1480 AM or 102.9 FM.

Join us live in person, via Facebook Live, or on the radio at WJFC 1480 AM or 102.9 FM.

Join Now: This week, we will be reading the following verses each day as we follow along with George H. Guthrie’s Chronological Reading Plan. We will start on Monday, October 16, with the next week of the reading plan:

Week 42 (October 16)
Day 1 (Monday): Matthew 13:1-53; Mark 4:1-34; Luke 8:1-18
Day 2 (Tuesday): Matthew 8:18-34; 9:19-38; Mark 4:35-5:43; Luke 8:22-56; 9:57-62
Day 3 (Wednesday): Matthew 10; 14; Mark 6:7-56; Luke 9:1-17; John 6
Day 4 (Thursday): Matthew 15: Mark 7:1-8:10
Day 5 (Friday): Matthew 16: Mark 8:11-9:1; Luke 9:18-27
Day 6 (Saturday): Matthew 17-18; Mark 9:2-50; Luke 9:28-56